Tales of promiscuity for £101 million lottery couple

Dave and Angela Dawes won £101,203,600 on the EuroMillions back on Friday 7th October, 2011 when they matched the numbers all 5 main numbers and the 2 lucky stars.

Dave and Angela Dawes

Dave and Angela Dawes holding EuroMillions cheque

The couple were the third largest winners of the EuroMillions in the UK and gained nationwide publicity for a number of reasons – some a little controversial while others demonstrate the nicer side of human nature.


The main controversy surrounding the couple centred on their relationship. Immediately after the couple’s win was publicised, Miss Dawes’ estranged 17 year old son Steven contacted national papers to share a story about how his mum had cheated on his dad and kicked the both of them out of the house when he was just 12 years old to start a new relationship.

Further newspaper reports state how Miss Dawes would wait for her husband at the time, John Leeman, to leave for work before she would invite men around to her house. Her son Steven claimed he was told to stay in his room when the men came around. One of those men that she invited around was her current fiancé and co-winner of the multi-million pound prize fund Dave Dawes.

Steven said “When Dad was away working I would be sent to bed as early as 8pm and told to stay in my room. I realised it was because she had different men coming into the house and I would hear them in the bedroom or in the living room. A few times I came out to use the bathroom or to get a drink late at night and saw a man in the house.”

Steven and his father have also said that Miss Dawes left them with £20,000 of debt and she did not pay a single penny towards child maintenance after she kicked the pair out of the house. Steven has also claimed that she has not once tried to contact him to have a relationship with him.

Miss Dawes has since denied the claims by her estranged son and ex-husband claiming “I’m saddened by these reports – a lot of what has been said since my divorce has been untrue and very hurtful.”


However, despite the negative stories that emerged, the couple have also been linked with a series of good deeds after winning the huge sum. The pair stated they intended to give £1 million each to a selection of their closest friends and were also going to donate a large amount to charity. Other winners, like Nigel Page and Colin and Chris Weir have also shown remarkable levels of generosity.

They had initially speculated about using the money to host a grand and expensive wedding but instead opted for a quieter and more intimate ceremony at Anvill Hall, Gretna Green in December 2011 that was attended by just a handful of close family members.

The couple have since been the victims of fraud with a number of internet scams posing as the couple offering to give 20 random individuals £1 million in exchange for their personal information and bank account details.


Dave and Angela Dawes picked 18, 26, 34, 38 and 42 with the Lucky Stars numbers of 5 and 8.

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