Gold digger widow accused of murdering Brazilian lotto winner

Adriana Almeida

Adriana Almeida arrested for allegedly arranging murder of her multi-millionaire husband

One of the most fascinating lottery winner stories reported here on is that of Renne Senna who was murdered by two hooded men in a bar in the Brazilian capital city of Rio back in January 2007.

Renne’s turbulent story began in July 2005 when he was announced as the solitary winner of the Brazilian national lottery Mega-Sena that saw him win a mammoth sum of R$52 million (£16 million).

Renne had worked as a farmer for most of his life before winning the huge sum of money on the Mega-Sena. As he got older, he worked in a butcher’s shop but was soon forced to leave that job due to having his leg amputated due to diabetes. Remaining unemployed after his operation, Renne resorted to selling flowers on the roadside. His wife left him taking with her their only daughter leaving Renne in a very dark place.

Renne had become friendly with a beautiful twentysomething woman called Adriana when he was going through his bad times and the pair even started a relationship. However, it was not until after he won the millions of Brazilian real on the Mega-Sena that she agreed to marry him. The pair tied the knot in 2006 and the former hairdresser was soon castigated by the Brazilian press for being a gold digger. She was even tainted with the name “The Blonde Mare” by the Brazilian media. There were even rumours that Renne had questioned whether he was the father of his daughter Renata suspecting that Adriana had been involved in an extra-marital affair. Other reports spread about how much Adriana changed after the marriage. She bought a new car, had surgery on her lips, spent prolonged periods down the gym and was constantly surrounded by bodyguards.

Even before Renne’s tragic murder, Adriana had become a public hate figure because of her apparent gold digging antics by marrying Renne after he had come into a large sum of money and being almost half his age. Renne’s family even accused Adriana of putting pressure on Renne to alter his will before he died in order to remove eleven of his brothers and sisters as potential beneficiaries. The pressure worked and Renne changed his will so that Adriana and their daughter Renata were the only beneficiaries. It was not long after this change to the will was made that Renne’s life came to an abrupt end.

On 8th January, 2007, Renne was drinking at a bar in the Rio district of Rio Bonito. Two hooded men riding a motorcycle came into the bar and fired four shots into Renne’s head before the two men made their escape. Only a month later, Adriana was arrested in connection with the murder. Her arrest saw her greeted by public discontent as an unruly mob followed her every mood slating her with jibes and derogatory taunts of abuse.

Upon being arrested, Adriana shouted “I’m innocent. What they’re doing to me is cowardice.”

Such was the public hysteria surrounding Adriana’s arrest that only five days after her arrest she was taken to a police interrogation and on the way there an angry crowd attempted to lynch her only to be stopped in their tracks by police using gunfire to cease the riot.

Adriana eventually won a habeas corpus on 27th June, 2008 due to serving an excessive period of temporary detention. On 9th July, 2009 jurors voted in favour of finding two former security bodyguards, Anderson Silva Sousa and Ednei Goncalves Pereira, guilty of killing Renne. They were sentenced to 18 years imprisonment each. Adriana was eventually acquitted of having any involvement in the murder on 3rd December, 2011.

Adriana continues to maintain her innocence along with a determination to find the guilty party that organised the murder of her husband and stated after her acquittal “I will not rest until we catch the culprit.”

The story has bizarre similarities to that of Jeffery Dampier, who was murdered by his sister after winning the lottery in Illinois.

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