Sweet dreams are made of…$16 Million lottery wins!

Mary Wollens

Mary Wollens dreamt up her winning numbers

For most people, dreams consist of falling from tall buildings and waking up just before you hit the ground, scoring the winning goal in the World Cup Final, or going to a music festival run exclusively by the RAC where Elton John is wondering around accompanied by an entourage of girls pulling cars out of ditches….OK, maybe that last one is just me.

For a Canadian widow, however, her dreams extraordinarily turned into cold, hard cash.


Mary Wollens, the daughter of poor Ukrainian immigrants, and who’d worked from the age of 14, had a dream about winning the lottery one night. The next day she woke and wrote down the numbers she’d seen in her dreams. Those numbers duly came in, not once, but incredibly, twice.

Mary had spent much of the time prior to her 2006 win grieving the deaths of her daughter 17 years earlier, and her husband just months later.

“Oh God, what I went through,” Wollens said. “When my daughter died, I did nothing but cry. I couldn’t help it. She was such a wonderful person.”

However, some of the pain eased in late 2006 when Mary had the vivid dream about “a lotto ticket and a large cheque”. Buying a ticket into the Ontario lottery the next day, she picked out the numbers she’d seen in her dream: 1, 10, 18, 24, 31 and 46. So confident was she of her choices, the 86-year-old went out and bought a second ticket with the same numbers.

The following night, as the Lottery was being drawn for that’s week’s draw, Mary watched as amazingly, the numbers came in one by one, and the widow pocketed a staggering $16 million. Picking the same numbers on that extra ticket bagged the Toronto pensioner another $4 million in booty.

“It was amazing. I just felt like I was floating,” said Wollens after the win, presumably talking about how her emotions rather than another dream sequence she had going on in her head. With the win Mary laid some of her own ghosts to rest, and deposited a small fortune in the bank to boot. It was the stuff of tabloid heaven, and surely led to many other Lottery players in her hometown binging on tickets based on crazy visions of winning numbers. We’re yet to hear of anyone cashing in in such an extraordinary way, though.

The EuroMillions website is full of stories of luck, intrigue and bizarre circumstances, but few can claim to have dreamt up the numbers that won them the lottery like Wollens did.

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