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Lottery Feud Deal

Lotto Aunt and Nephew Reach Deal Over Lottery Feud

A woman and her nephew from Nova Scotia who won a $1,200,000 lottery jackpot have finally resolved the feud over sharing the win. The pair scooped $1,200,000 earlier this year on a ticket containing both Barbara Reddick and Tyrone MacInnis’ name. Upon claiming the win, Barbara Reddick looked incredibly unhappy collecting the cheque and soon […]

Barbara Reddick

Canadian Woman Wins Lotto Sues Nephew

A Canadian woman is reported to have won the lottery along with her nephew but her first act was to threaten the boy with a lawsuit. Barbara Reddick from Nova Scotia won C$1,200,000 on Wednesday night’s Chase the Ace draw and this week was photographed with her nephew posing with the giant cheque. However, immediately […]

Retirement Lottery Win

Man Wins Lottery on Day He Retires

We all hope for a prosperous retirement, no one wants all that freedom that retiring brings with no cash to enjoy it. Ping Kuem Shum decided to retire on his birthday on 28th April, giving him two things to celebrate in one day but the things to celebrate grew as he won a lottery jackpot […]

Lucky for Life

Canadian Teenager Wins $1,000 a Week for Life

Turning 18 can be a daunting time, worrying about what you might do with the rest of your life and how you’ll pay for it. But for one lucky Canadian teenager this will never be a problem. Charlie Lagarde celebrated turning 18 last week by buying her first ever scratchcard, spending $4, and ended up […]

Cancer Lottery Millionaire

Cancer Stricken Mum Becomes Canadian Lottery Millionaire

When Canadian mum of two, Diane Bishop was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer her prognosis was not good and she didn’t think there would be much to look forward to, but now she’s won a CA$1,120,000 lottery prize just before being told her cancer is responding to treatment! The aspiring woman has breast cancer […]

Couple Fight 6million

Canada Couple Fights Over $6,000,000 Lotto Win

They say all is fair in love and war, but for one Canadian couple, that will now be for the courts to decide. Denise Robertson and Maurice Thibeault have been together for about two and a half years, but now they’ve won the lottery, and he’s left, with the winning ticket! On 28th September this […]

Canadian Second Lotto win

Canadian Man Scoops Second Big Lotto Prize

A lucky Canadian lottery player from Quebec has scooped a big lottery prize, and while that isn’t news in itself, the fact that he won previously, nine years ago makes this a lightning strikes twice kind of story. The 69-year-old retiree, Jules Parent won the Loto Quebec last week. He’s naturally thrilled after scooping $1,220,000 […]

Three Lottery Wins

Lucky Canadian Couple Win the Lottery Three Times!

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but for one lucky couple in Canada it has struck three times. Barbara and Douglas Fink are celebrating a Lotto 649 win worth a staggering C$8,200,000 but it’s not the first time they’ve won, or even the second! The couple scooped the jackpot back in February, the largest of […]

Granny Lottery

Great Grandmother Wins Canadian Lottery ‘Too Late’

An 80-year-old grandmother from Alberta, Canada has scooped a massive lottery win worth $50,000,000 and when asked what she would do with the money stated that “I’m too old for this” and that she wished she had won “20 or 30 years ago”. Lois Olsen popped into her local convenience store last week and while […]

Mary Wollens

Sweet dreams are made of…$16 Million lottery wins!

For most people, dreams consist of falling from tall buildings and waking up just before you hit the ground, scoring the winning goal in the World Cup Final, or going to a music festival run exclusively by the RAC where Elton John is wondering around accompanied by an entourage of girls pulling cars out of […]