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Stole Vulnerable Winner

Men Who Stole from Vulnerable Lottery Winner Jailed

Two members of a gang who befriended and stole from a vulnerable woman who had won the lottery have been jailed. Aaron Harvey and Lee Khan from Middlesbrough conned the woman out of thousands and it’s believed they only targeted her because she was so vulnerable and had won £1,000,000 on the National Lottery. In […]

Fake Money Lottery Win

Woman Bought Lottery Ticket with Fake Money

Authorities in Nebraska, USA are asking the public for help to trace a woman who bought a winning lottery ticket with a counterfeit bank note! The lady purchased a scratch off ticket with a $100 note but after she left the store it was discovered that the note was actually fake. The unidentified woman walked […]

Addict Admits Stealing

Gambling Addict Admits Stealing Scratchcards from Aberdeen Shop

A gambling addicted has admitted in court to stealing thousands of pounds worth of lottery scratchcards at the Aberdeen supermarket where he worked. Daniel Milne stole the cards over a two month period while working at the store, a theft that was discovered when CCTV was examined. Milne appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday and […]

Lottery Winner Jail

Lotto Winner Imprisoned After Claiming Pension Credits

Patrick Ronan became one of the lucky ones when he scooped a Lotto win worth £1,900,000, but despite the bulging bank account the pensioner continued to claim pension credits, to the tune of almost £80,000. Earlier this year we brought you the news that this crime had come to light and now the pensioner has […]

women who kill

Woman Convicted of Murdering Lottery Winner Protests Innocence

Many people will remember the case of Dee Dee Moore, imprisoned in 2012 for murdering lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare. The case shook America as the $30,000,000 lottery winner was murdered in cold blood. Dee Dee was arrested in 2012, six years after Shakespeare went missing after his body was found under a slab behind her […]


Co-op Boss Avoids Jail After Scratchcard Theft

A shop manager has avoided jail after stealing thousands of scratchcards from his place of work. Daniel Cassells stole around £13,000 worth of scratchcards while working at the Co-operative store in Carstairs, Lanarkshire, netting wins of around £11,000 but was caught when his bosses noticed a shortfall in the lottery earnings. The money has never […]

Lottery Scratchcards Stolen in Shop Raid

There are some burglars out there on the prowl who will be hoping to get lucky this week after stealing a stack of scratchcards from a convenience store and lottery outlet! On Tuesday night someone broke into the Premier Store in St John’s Road Biddulph, in Staffordshire, ripping the door off its hinges to gain […]

Prosecutor Seeks Subpoena Over Lottery Scandal

Prosecutor Seeks Subpoena Over Lottery Scandal

A US prosecutor has requested that a judge issue subpoenas for the telephone and bank records of two attorneys who are believed to be connected to rigged lottery results. Eddie and Tommy Tipton, brothers, are charged with conspiring to rig and collect around $2,000,000 in lottery games across several states, and the prosecutor believes that […]

Adriana Almeida

Gold digger widow accused of murdering Brazilian lotto winner

One of the most fascinating lottery winner stories reported here on is that of Renne Senna who was murdered by two hooded men in a bar in the Brazilian capital city of Rio back in January 2007. Renne’s turbulent story began in July 2005 when he was announced as the solitary winner of the Brazilian national […]

Iorworth Hoare in leather jacket

Convicted rapist discovers that money cannot buy you anonymity

Lottery winner Iorworth Hoare won £7.2 million on the National Lottery after he notoriously bought a ticket whilst on day release back in 2004. Hoare, 60, has since become dubbed the “Lotto Rapist” after it was revealed that one of his previous victims had sued him and claimed a percentage of his winnings. He has […]