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Donna poses with a picture of missing husband, Arnim

Until lotto millions do us part: Wife discovers husband’s secret lotto win from Google search

Winning the lottery would be a blessing to any happily married couple, but when Donna Campbell’s husband went missing, she didn’t suspect it was a small fortune he’d run off with. Donna Campbell thought it was strange when her husband came home from work one day in June 2007 and decided they should turn off […]

Jackpot winner kills friends in drug fuelled car accident

Jackpot winner kills friends in drug fuelled car accident

When Victoria Zell and her husband decided to divorce little did Victoria know her husband was soon to win the lottery. But that was the best it was getting for Victoria, for a very long time. Unlike in a similar incident where a husband was suspected of murdering his wife squandered a fortune in secret, her […]

William 'Bud' Post in his latter years

Brother hired hit man over $16million jackpot win

In 1988 William ‘Bud’ Post had just over $2 to his name. In desperation he pawned a $40 ring and spent his takings entirely on Pennsylvania state lottery tickets.When he won $16.2 million he felt like the luckiest man in the world, until a string of unfortunate decisions and incidents left him penniless and alone. […]

Depression and suicide for $30 million jackpot winner

Depression and suicide for $30 million jackpot winner

Not even two years after Billy Bob Harrell Jr took $30million in the lottery he shot himself in the chest proving the age-old adage that money doesn’t always buy happiness. Billy Bob Harrell Jr was, like several other big lottery winners, a deeply religious man. Hailing from Houston and after unsuccessfully striving to become a preacher […]

Jack Whittaker in happier times

Tragedy for lottery millionaire’s cursed family

Jack Whitaker was a holy man so in 2002 when he won $314.9million in the power-ball multi state lottery he believed it was the work of the lord. But as reports, he soon believed that what followed could only have been the work of the devil as his whole world fell apart and a […]

Jealous sister shoots jackpot winning brother in head

Jealous sister shoots jackpot winning brother in head

Jeffery Dampier won $20 million in the Illinois Lottery in 1996. Jeffery had grown up poor and was very generous with his winnings, but in scenes later echoed by the infamous case of Abraham Shakespeare he until he was kidnapped and murdered by his sister-in-law, Victoria Jackson in 2005. After Jeffery won the lottery in 1996 he moved […]

Abraham Shakespeare after his jackpot win

A Shakespearian tragedy: Murder and lies follow $17million jackpot win

One of the most incredulous stories here at EuroMillions is that of Abraham Shakespeare, an illiterate ex-criminal whose luck turned around in 2006 after winning $17,000,000 the Florida lottery. But it didn’t last long. Shakespeare went missing in 2009 and a year later his bullet-ridden corpse was found under an acquaintance’s concrete patio. A body found buried five-feet […]