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Mary Wollens

Sweet dreams are made of…$16 Million lottery wins!

For most people, dreams consist of falling from tall buildings and waking up just before you hit the ground, scoring the winning goal in the World Cup Final, or going to a music festival run exclusively by the RAC where Elton John is wondering around accompanied by an entourage of girls pulling cars out of […]

Dolores Mcnamara

Family past leaves Irish cleaning lady wishing she had never won £77m EuroMillions

Irish cleaning lady Dolores McNamara might be the personification of what every EuroMillions player craves to achieve having won £77 million when she played the lottery back on 29th July, 2005 but she regrets the win. McNamara has truly experienced the nightmare side of such a massive lottery win. As many believe that winning the […]

Depression and suicide for $30 million jackpot winner

Depression and suicide for $30 million jackpot winner

Not even two years after Billy Bob Harrell Jr took $30million in the lottery he shot himself in the chest proving the age-old adage that money doesn’t always buy happiness. Billy Bob Harrell Jr was, like several other big lottery winners, a deeply religious man. Hailing from Houston and after unsuccessfully striving to become a preacher […]