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Stealing Winning Lottery Ticket

Father and Daughter Jailed for Stealing Winning Lottery Ticket

A Canadian Convenience Store worker and his daughter have been jailed and fined C$4,600,000 for stealing a winning lottery ticket from a customer. Jun-Chul Chung, 68 and his daughter Kathleen, 36 were sentenced to seven and four years in prison respectively. Her brother Kenneth Chung who ran the store was also given a ten month […]

Thief Buys Winning Lottery

Thief Buys Winning Lottery Ticket, Won’t Get Prize

A lottery winner has been refused her prize money after allegedly buying the winning ticket with a stolen credit card. The unnamed woman was on her way to the lottery offices in Canada when she was arrested on suspicion of stealing a wallet and credit card and accused of credit card fraud, it turns out […]

Refused Payout

Father of Four Refused Payout on Scratchcard

A father of four has been refused payout on a scratchcard win worth £200,000 because the National Lottery say that the ticket has been altered! Unemployed Eric Walker bought the £3 Pharaoh’s Fortune scratchcard from his local Premier Store in his hometown of Sheffield. The card requires players to follow sixteen co-ordinates, scratch off the […]

Liquor Store Theft

Liquor Store Worker Caught Trying to Steal $600 Lottery Ticket

A cashier from Florida has been caught trying to steal a $600 winning lottery ticket in an undercover sting. Crystelle Baton worked at the Winn-Dixie Liquors store in Fort Meyers in Florida where she tried to cheat a customer out of a $600 lottery win, unlucky for her, the customer was actually an undercover lottery […]

Fake Money Lottery Win

Woman Bought Lottery Ticket with Fake Money

Authorities in Nebraska, USA are asking the public for help to trace a woman who bought a winning lottery ticket with a counterfeit bank note! The lady purchased a scratch off ticket with a $100 note but after she left the store it was discovered that the note was actually fake. The unidentified woman walked […]

Lottery Whistleblower

Lottery Whistleblower Says Fraud Came from Within Camelot

A lottery whistleblower has accused a fraud expert of printing off a winning ticket from inside the lottery organiser, Camelot’s offices before passing it on to a friend to claim the prize. Eddie Putman turned whistleblower when he was caught attempting to cash a £2,500,000 lottery ticket that was actually fraudulent. He says that the […]

Lottery Winner Jail

Lotto Winner Imprisoned After Claiming Pension Credits

Patrick Ronan became one of the lucky ones when he scooped a Lotto win worth £1,900,000, but despite the bulging bank account the pensioner continued to claim pension credits, to the tune of almost £80,000. Earlier this year we brought you the news that this crime had come to light and now the pensioner has […]

National Lottery Fraud

UK Lotto Paid Out Millions on Fraudulent Ticket

An enquiry into a lottery ticket query from back in 2009 has confirmed that Camelot, owners of the National Lottery paid out £2,500,000 on a fake lottery ticket! The Gambling Commission has conducted the enquiry, which contains information on how Edward Putman, and lottery employee Giles Knibbs forged a lottery ticket and claimed a £2,500,000 […]

lottery newsagent

Newsagent who sold herself a winning lottery ticket ends up in court for fraud

“I will always remain a humble newsagent. Someone has to win; it was just lucky it was me.” So said Clevely’s Hayley Tarry, who bought a ticket for the EuroMillions draw one very lucky Friday 13th while cashing up in her cornershop, and promptly took down a prize worth over £500,000 when her numbers came […]