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Cash Unfairly Shared

Is National Lottery Good Causes Cash Unfairly Shared

We all know that the lottery raises millions for Good Causes each year and that cash is handed out to organisations around the UK, but is the cash shared fairly? It’s transpired that parts of London get more cash per person than other areas of the UK. The City of London and Westminster, Holborn, and […]

Sacked for Fraud

Big Lottery Fund Employee Sacked for Fraud

The Big Lottery Fund is the organisation that gives National Lottery cash to good causes around the UK and now an employee for that organisation has been fired for fraud. The organisation deals with all good causes money and during 2017/18 gave away £508,000,000 to organisations and charities around the UK who were in need […]

Scotland more lottery funding

Scotland Receives Most in Good Causes

This week MPs have hit out at the news that Scotland gets more lottery funding than England, Wales or Northern Ireland. This week it emerged that Scots receive the equivalent of £10.87 per person in lottery funding, compared with £6.34 south of the border, based on figures from the last twelve months. MPs have been […]

Transparency Over Lotto

MPs Want Greater Transparency Over Lotto Sales

A group of MPs has written to Camelot’s CEO demanding greater transparency on where lottery tickets and scratchcards are sold. Thirty MPs signed the letter to CEO Nigel Railton including Shadow Culture Secretary Tom Watson and Gloria De Peiro, who spearheaded the campaign. The letter raises concerns about where lottery money is spent, and where […]

Good Causes

MPs Say More Lottery Cash Should go to Good Causes

A cross-party committee of MPs has suggested that the government’s Gambling Commission should pressure Camelot to change the rules to give more money to Good Causes. A slump in ticket sales means that while profits are rising, the money given to Good Causes is falling, causing alarm among those who rely on lottery funding to […]

Museum Lottery Entry

Museums and Attractions Trade Entry for Lottery Tickets

We take many of the museums and attractions around the UK for granted but without funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, many of them would struggle to keep their doors open. The percentage of lottery funding that goes to good causes such as the Heritage Lottery Fund makes a huge difference to these institutions that […]

Scotland Hitting Jackpot

Scotland Hitting the Jackpot With Lotto Funding

Figures have shown that Scotland is winning the jackpot when it comes to lottery funding, receiving almost £5 extra per head of population when compared to funding for England. Last year, lottery organisers gave £76,000,000 to Scottish Good Causes, that’s £14.04 per head of population. However, Good Causes in England received £510,000,000, working out at […]

Lottery Funding Fall

Benefactors Concern About Fall in Lottery Funding

It’s no secret now that the National Lottery of the UK is on the slide. Since new rules came in last year, spending has fallen considerably and that has an effect not just on jackpots but on money for Good Causes too. Many sectors of society benefit from lottery funding, the Arts, Heritage, Sports, to […]

Lottery Fund Church

First Payment from Lottery Fund for Ancient Church

Many old buildings in the UK are forced to vie for lottery funding each year in the hope of attaining renovations, and this year a 900-year old church in Leicester is in the spotlight as it receives its first chunk of lottery funding. St Mary de Castro, on Castle street in Leicester, the oldest part […]

Lotto Sales Down

Lottery Sales down after Rule Changes

A report has shown that lottery sales in the UK fell £670,000,000 last year after changes to the rules and number system. The controversial changes brought much criticism and now it seems the figures show that the additional numbers and changes to the lottery’s structure have hit Camelot in the pocket and had a knock […]