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Two EuroMillions Winners

Two Share Massive EuroMillions Jackpot

After six consecutive rollovers the Friday night EuroMillions, the first draw of June, boasted a staggeringly huge jackpot. The top prize was estimated at €75,000,000 and came in just below that, and after no winner for six draws, two came along at once as two tickets sold matched all seven winning numbers in Friday’s draw. […]

EuroMillions Super Rollover

Event Draw Creates €140,000,000 EuroMillions Rollover

There’s never been so much for EuroMillions players to get excited about! Last Friday organisers sprung a EuroMillions Event draw on players, guaranteeing a massive jackpot and the weekend news is that, that draw has rolled over and creating a bumper jackpot for players. With no Friday night jackpot winner this Tuesday’s EuroMillions jackpot is […]

UK Flag

Single Ticket Holder Scoops EuroMillions Triple Rollover

The EuroMillions triple rollover was edging €40,000,000 on Friday night and as such there was a lot of interest in the draw, but the luck has fallen on the UK yet again as a single British ticket holder scoops the lot! Camelot has now officially confirmed that the Friday night EuroMillions triple rollover has landed […]

Man with Union Jack

UK Sees a Rush on Lotto Winners

Since the change to the rules of the National Lottery we seem to be bringing you a lot of stories about big rollovers. Since the changes to the Lotto rules, we’ve seen record jackpots and huge rollovers, but last week has brought something quite different for British lottery players as we run a rush on […]

Portugal flag

Big Winners in Friday EuroMillions

The Friday EuroMillions yielded some big winners including a big jackpot winner and many UK winners too.

Major lottery win to be made into a film

Steve Carell rumoured to star. Remember that small, remote Spanish village which was transformed into a centre of world attention following a record lottery win? has learned that the Disney movie empire is reportedly set to produce a film based on the remarkable happenings and good fortune of the inhabitants. The show biz publication […]

Holly Lahti bruised headshot

Elusive $350 million lottery winner escapes history of abuse

Holly Lahti became one of the more controversial individuals to have won a lottery jackpot when she won $190 million on 4th January, 2011 on the US Mega Millions lottery draw. Controversy surrounded Holly for two main reasons with the first being the violent relationship history she had endured with her estranged husband, Joshua Lahti, […]

Donna poses with a picture of missing husband, Arnim

Until lotto millions do us part: Wife discovers husband’s secret lotto win from Google search

Winning the lottery would be a blessing to any happily married couple, but when Donna Campbell’s husband went missing, she didn’t suspect it was a small fortune he’d run off with. Donna Campbell thought it was strange when her husband came home from work one day in June 2007 and decided they should turn off […]

Sheelah Ryan

Biggest lottery winner is a good samaritan

Sheelah Ryan, is one of the most generous winners we have reported at Euro Millions over the past year. In 1998 she won $55.2 million on the Florida lottery. Sheelah dedicated the next six years of her life using her money to better her community until she sadly passed away with cancer in 1994. Sheelah, […]

Ibi and Joseph in happier times

Husband murders squandering wife after missing jackpot win

Ibi and her husband, Joseph were already rich so their $5million win was the cherry-on-top-of-the-cake. But when Ibi was found dead, not everything turned out to be what it seemed. Ibi Roncaioli and her husband Joseph were happily and comfortably married. They were a wealthy couple. Joseph worked as a gynaecologist earning a good salary of almost […]