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Mark Gardiner and Paul Maddison celebrate lottery win

Lottery win nightmare for Sussex businessman

Mark Gardiner secured £22.5 million with his business partner Paul Maddison when they won the National Lottery back in 1995. Gardiner had a double glazing business with Maddison and the two men would spend £50 every week on National Lottery tickets, picking the numbers in the hope of hitting the big money. Their dream came […]

Keith and Louise Gough celebrate Lottery win

Drink and financial woes lead to tragic end for lottery winner

Keith Gough is a National Lottery winner whose life came to a tragic end bizarrely due to the stresses and strains of financial problems despite winning £9 million. Keith and his wife Louise, from Bridgnorth in Shropshire, won the National Lottery in 2005 and proceeded to enjoy the winnings. He wasted no time in spending […]

convicted murderer Freddie Young

Rental dispute sees lottery winner serve life for murder

Freddie Young, 63, won a share of the $46.5 million Michigan Mega Millions lottery jackpot in February, 2011 but just 18 months later his life would be flip turned upside down. Life could not have been better for Young in 2011. He was part of a 13 person syndicate that won $29 million on the […]

Gerald Muswagon in front of press

Tragic end to a Canadian lottery winner who just wanted to be liked

Gerald Muswagon, 42, is the archetypal tragic lottery winning figure after claiming $10 million on the Super 7 jackpot in 1998. Gerald experienced the high of becoming a multi-millionaire after winning the jackpot when he bought a ticket for just $2. It was a fairytale story for the man from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. In […]

Callie Rogers with winning cheque

Too much, too young! Lottery win nearly ruined Callie’s life

Callie Rogers is the archetypal lottery winner that lived the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle after her win before settling down. In 2003, Callie became the youngest winner of the National Lottery in the United Kingdom at the tender age of 16 years old and proceeded to blow large parts of her £1.9 million fortune on a ‘party lifestyle’. […]

Michael Carroll

‘King of Chavs’ Michael Carroll squanders lotto fortune

Michael Carroll has become renowned as the archetypal “lotto lout” thanks to his attitude and actions since he secured a £9.7 million win on the National Lottery back in 2002. Michael was only 19 years of age and was unemployed when he won the multi-million pound jackpot prize on the National Lottery. He soon became […]