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NJ MegaMillions Winner

Single Ticket Holder Scoops $521,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot

In the last few weeks we’ve seen both the Powerball and Mega Millions Jackpots soar. Last week we brought you the news that the Powerball jackpot had found a winner and now a single winner has scooped the $521,000,000 Mega Millions jackpot becoming the fourth biggest lottery winner in Mega Millions history. Lottery officials have […]

prisoner in handcuffs

Lotto Winner Invests in Crystal Meth Ring

When you have a big lottery win, you might be advised to take some financial advice and possibly even make an investment or two, but we wouldn’t advise that you make any of those investments illegal! According to federal prosecutors these were the actions of Ronnie Music Jr who’s accused of investing a $3,000,000 scratchcard […]

Man standing on money in stadium

Sport Mad Lotto Winner Follows His Teams Around the World

We all like to dream about what we’d do if we won a bit Lotto jackpot and sport mad Matt Evans always said he’d follow his favourite teams around the world. A year ago he actually won a prize worth £2,600,000 and true to his word for the last year he’s been living out of […]

Two men celebrating in a pub

Pub Worker Goes Back to Work £4 Million Scratchcard Win

A Wetherspoon’s worker bought a lottery scratchcard during his lunchbreak and netted £4,000,000, and then went straight back to work! Amadou Gillen of Trowbridge, Wiltshire purchased the ticket and discovered the win while on his break but he was too scared to believe his good fortune until the money was in the bank, so he […]

Rollover Euromillions lottery could produce third biggest winner so far

The draw for tonight’s Euromillions will be an estimated £122 million, according to organiser Camelot.If someone was to win with a single ticket then they would be the third biggest National Lottery jackpot winner so far. The win would make them twice as rich as Take That star Gary Barlow’s, who has an estimated fortune […]

Sheelah Ryan

Biggest lottery winner is a good samaritan

Sheelah Ryan, is one of the most generous winners we have reported at Euro Millions over the past year. In 1998 she won $55.2 million on the Florida lottery. Sheelah dedicated the next six years of her life using her money to better her community until she sadly passed away with cancer in 1994. Sheelah, […]

Lottery balls

Lying wife ends happy marriage over secret lotto win

Thomas Rossi was a happily married man, so happy in fact that him and his wife Denise shared a toothbrush. So, after 25 years of marriage when Denise demanded a divorce, and in a hurry, he knew something had changed. During the divorce case her reasons were vague and she simply stated, she’d fallen out […]