EuroMillions UK

The EuroMillions is a very popular lottery to play in the UK. The jackpots far exceed anything ever achieved by the National Lottery draw, which makes it a lot more appealing, despite the fact that your odds of winning it are longer. Camelot have seen resurgence in interest for lottery games since the introduction of the EuroMillions in the UK and have introduced new ways to buy your tickets.

EuroMillions online

Playing online is easy

EuroMillions Online
If you are a resident of the UK then you can now buy your EuroMillions tickets online, along with tickets for the Lotto and Thunderball draws and Instant Win games too. Aside for that, you can easily check the EuroMillions results, draw times, watch live steaming of the balls being picked and play various associated scratchcards and games. All you need to do is register an account and you will have access to all the facilities. Buying tickets is very straightforward and can be done safely with a credit card or other payment method through the National Lottery website.

There are other places to buy lottery tickets online, which are generally resellers of the EuroMillions lottery and various other world lotteries. You need to be careful where you buy your tickets from and we would only advise you to purchase tickets at reputable vendors. Look for trust symbols on their websites and don’t be afraid to search more information about the site you are planning to make a purchase from.

EuroMillions mobile

Mobile lotto is growing in popularity

EuroMillions on Mobile
If you want to play the EuroMillions lottery through your mobile then you can by accessing the National lottery website through your mobile web browser. They have a specially adapted site to fit on mobile phone screens. As with the EuroMillions, you can pick your numbers and purchase tickets, find the latest EuroMillions results and check what the latest jackpot prize is going to be. If you are using an iPhone/iPad then there may be parts of the National lottery website that you can not see because they require Flash.

A word of warning if you are trying to access EuroMillions apps on smart phones – there are several apps that are not official and you may be giving your information to third parties that are not associated with the EuroMillions lottery.

EuroMillions UK Winners
The biggest recorded winners of the EuroMillions have come from the UK. Colin and Chris Weir scooped an incredible £161,653,000 in July 2011. The jackpot win catapulted them into the Times Rich List. Other winners include Dave and Angela Dawes, who won £101,203,600 in October 2011. They had only played the lottery twice before, which makes their EuroMillions win even more staggering. There have been at least 8 other winners that have won jackpot prizes of over £40 million.